A territorial search engine

Driven by Open Atlas and developed by contributors from all over the world.

Open source
Communecter is kind of like a cake.
Just like a kitchen recipe that can be exchanged, Communecter’s source code can be read, shared, reused and improved.
Shared databases
We're not vampires
We do not own your data: we share them together.
Free of charge
... but you are not the product !
A simple and fast registration will be enough.
No advertising
Privacy and calmness
Navigate with peace of mind: we won’t find commercial ads on Communecter.
A community
A collectively managed resource
The governance of the project is done in a stimulating and transparent way: do you have an idea? Introduce it and get started! If the idea is relevant, expect other contributors to help you.
Protected data
The choice of sharing
You have the choice of whether or not to share your data.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.


Communecter’s strengths

A social network unlike any other

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Mobile application
Thanks to our crowdfunders we have been able to develop an Android application that you can download here.
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Custom Mapping
Thanks to the Network module you can create your own maps. Find all the documentation by clicking on the button below.
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Local instance
Coming soon...
With CoPi you can install your own Communecter. Your data is stored at your fingertips and potentially shared with the rest of the community.
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Communecter communicates with open databases (e. g. Wikipedia, Openstreetmap,…) to use their data in exchange for our contribution to their common good.
For me
I know my territory
I know what’s going on around me.
For my community
I manage my organization
I value what I do while taking advantage of project management tools.
For the common good
A collective intelligence in action
I participate in the construction of a territorial knowledge base.

4 essential modules

  • Search : find easily the people involved in your territory
  • Annoucements : exchanging goods and services
  • Agenda : know in real time all the local activity
  • Live : broadcast your messages in a different way

Cooperative space

The cooperative space is a collaborative project management tool that allows for a transparent and horizontal form of governance.

  • Voting system in consultation with or without amendment
  • Task assignment


Wherever you are in Communecter you can display the information of the page on a map (members of my association, results of my research, next events…).

Friends of Communecter

Communecter can be one of the alternatives to proprietary platforms that have developed in recent years. Inclusive, equitable, interoperable, efficient, effective, sustainable, glocal, these are the promises of Communecter! We look forward to its deployment !

Julien, P2P Foundation

Communecter, a geolocalised social network created in the spirit of the communes, has all the potential to make visible, connect and duplicate the best citizen initiatives.

Lilian Ricaud

We are waiting for you on communecter. org

No more talking, we're taking up action !